Foto: Diana Vallejo
Foto: Diana Vallejo


Yo tierra, mundo, orbe
gigante minúsculo,
el tiempo es una daga de polvos estelares
y hoyos negros
y ustedes viajan conmigo…

Mi carro que circula
en estas serpentinas
habita sin corazón, su lecho
sus escamas de metal
tienen esporas
tienen la luz adoquinada de la noche.

Y me pregunto
¿cuándo las ballenas encallaron en el vidrio
del porta maletas?
¿en qué momento los corales
se mimetizaron con la calle?
A veces tengo la certeza
de que la tierra hace de las suyas
y mi memoria
es la de un bicho necio
con ínfulas de gloria..



I earth, world, globe
tiny giant
time is a dagger of stellar dust
and black holes
and you travel with me …

My car circulate
in this serpentines
inhabits heartless her bed,
those metal leaves
have spores
have paved the light of the night.

And I wonder
When the whales stranded on the glass
holder bags?
At what point the corals
mimicked the darkness of the streets?
Now I have the sureness
that the earth acts up
and my memory
is just a foolish bug
with some  pretension of glory.

Diana Vallejo

Diana Vallejo




El otro poeta en el barco / The other poet in the boat


Photo of Diana Vallejo
Photo of Diana Vallejo


Diana Vallejo

Su ira es una llaga que agita el alma
breva sus lágrimas con golpes y verbos,
tira a la basura los amores familiares.

Su ira es un caracol abrasivo
que lleva dagas al agua, al viento
deja el camino para hacer cicatrices
al asfalto…

Su enojo es un globo terráqueo
que tiende a llamar a Dios !inepto!
y él que lo escucha…lo perdona
sin perdonarse nunca.

Su amor es un fósil
como ese gato crispado en el techo que te araña
con la sombra de su esperanza

Tu ira…
es un remolino de arena
capaz de roer
las dunas del desierto…

¿Cómo ha de haber sido tu amor,
si tu ira es un pleonasmo universal?
¿Cómo sería tu fe,
Si tu enojo es una roca en la garganta?
¿Cómo sería la luz de tus ojos,
si tu odio carboniza a cuantos ve?…

Lástima, que no te conocí entonces…


His anger is a wound that stirred the soul
he drinks his tears with fights and bangs
and threw away the family love.

His anger is an abrasive of spirals
daggers leading to water through the wind
he finds the way to do some scars
to the asphalt.

His anger, is a world
tends to call God ¡inept!
and he that forgives, listen …
never forgets.

His love is a fossil
like that tense cat spider in the roof
with hope of shadow.

Your anger …
is a swirl of sand
able to crack
the desert dunes …

So …
How was his love,
if your anger is a universal pleonasm?
How was your faith,
If your anger is like a rock in my throat ?
What happen to the light of your eyes,
if his hates burn all around?

What a shame, that I did not know you then.

Author: Diana Vallejo


Diana Vallejo



foto: Diana E. Vallejo
foto: Diana E. Vallejo


By Diana Vallejo

Descendí al infierno al bajar las gradas
en la primera, se cayó mi calma a los pies salitrosos
en la segunda, mi garganta fue una trampa seca
en la tercera… estar alerta impregnó al espacio apático del suceso…

Y el tiempo putrefacto…se estancó
como un perro se arrulló feroz y nos miró,
se estancó el ayer con su saco de secretos,
con su costal de golpes…
guardó todo, paralizó todo, nada circulaba en la savia del recinto…

Descendí al Hades…al portal del recelo
bajé los escalones, las esperanzas, los cuadros del caído
bajé las angustias, el río de sangre, el frío de las miradas,
descendí a toparme con las voces violentas del silencio
a mirar los moretones ardorosos de la envidia
a mirar un cuerpo en el vacío de su cuerpo
a gritar con los ojos el horror de la materia …

Desbocó mi corazón en ese sórdido mundo
golpe por golpe
llanto por llanto
espurio por espurio.

¿Él yace?…le gusta quebrantar las catarinas tristes,
Él, es un tahúr de la suerte ajena,
Él, se regodea en el dolor de la pobreza
quizás le cobró la humillación.

Allí, mi mente creó el cuarto, al fenecido
a la cama roja, a esa luz de nata
y al hombre ido,
todo se calló, se calló el testigo, el plural de los hechos
se calló el pavor,
que como hongos le brollan al cuerpo del delito.

Si, descendí… como pluma en inercia…
Silente… descendí… a ese hueco del tiempo
al minuto furia del asalto.


By Diana Vallejo

I descended to the hell, when I go down the stairs
at the first , my calm fall  near my salty feet
in the second , my throat was a dry trap
in the third … to be alert impregnate the space of that grotesque event …

And the rotten time…stalled
like a fierce dog he cooed and looked at us
even the yesterday stalled , with his bag of secrets,
with his sack of strokes…
He kept all, he paralyzed all, nothing circulates in the sap of the room.

I descended to Hades …to the portal of suspicion
down the stairs, the hopes , the pictures of the fallen
I fall in anxieties, in the river of blood, in the cold eyes,
I descend those violent voices of the silence
I look the ardent bruises of the envy
I saw that body in the vacuum of his body
I scream with my eyes the horror of the matter.

My heart was bolted in that sordid world
stroke by stroke
tears for tears
spurious for spurious.

Is he lying?… likes to break the sad lady bird beetles
He is a gambler, with the luck of the others
He delights in the pain of poverty,
That´s  why he was charged by the humiliation.

There, my mind creates the room, the deceased
the red bed , that light cream
and the man gone,
everything becomes silent , the silent witness , the totality of the facts
the dread just shut up
and fungus will grew up in the delicti corpus.

Yes, I flew…like a feather in inertia…
In quiet …I descend to the whole of time
I arrive to the fury of the minute, to the moment of the assault.


La Mosca / Flugan *en sueco

Translated by: Lars Mogensen al sueco.

Hay una mosca violenta
que golpea en la tela metálica
un bicho insistente
que quiere salir, salir …

Det finns en våldsam fluga
Som hamrar mot ståltrådsnätet
En enträgen insekt
Som vill komma ut, komma ut

De ningún modo
alcanzó los vidrios
ni la orilla
sólo se dejó vislumbrar
se dejó caer
para volar, volar …

På intet sätt
Kom hon fram till glasrutorna
Eller till stranden
Hon visar sig bara
Hon låter sig falla
För att flyga, flyga

Soy como esta mosca
a todo credo…

Jag är som den där flugan
Som irriterar
alla och en var

No soy ficticia
hay tentáculos
glándulas salivales
patas, ojillos
para tratar, empujar…

Jag är inte påhittad
Det finns tentakler
Tassar, ögon
Allt för att försöka trycka

Como ésta mosca
que zumba incrustada
en la tela metálica de la ventanas.

Som den där
irriterande flugan
Som fastkilad surrar
Bakom fönstrens ståltrådsnät.

poem written by:moscaafiche copy

Diana Vallejo

Diana Vallejo

¿The army, educating the children of Honduras?

And with such a history of disrespect for human rights throughout the country and in the world, these army guys now wants to “educate” our Honduran children?  UNACCEPTABLE!
First the philosophy of education is not indoctrination.

Through the education they discover feelings, inclinations and talents. And some professions enrich the baggage of their knowledge that builds up complete human beings, in all the fields,  they will be able to express themselves through the art and cultural manifestations, as citizens of a country, or  creating  great music or poetry. Also the education is the chance of a real opportunity to learn from indigenous groups and other ethnic and ancient cultural legacies that are respectful with  the earth.

The  vocation, is discover if we educate, and is so important  that we  identified those talents  to find out among the children good doctors, teachers, and scientists (not only in military science).

We need and want good journalists, presidents , farmers , carpenters, mechanics, programmers, artisans, writers, teachers of talents and ideas, so we can maximize  the happiness,  the  indoctrination limits the mind and heart, the education is liberty,  is that capacity  of been able to learn without nobody or with a good teacher, the capacity of having the decision about the issues that concerns you.

For our kids this imposition would destroy the possibility of increasing our social roots. For example in Mexico they love their Juan Rulfo, one of the best Mexican novelist, a unique self -taught, he sold tires.

In Spain they raised their flag for the poet Miguel Hernández he have an extraordinary natural rhythm, precise and he use such beautiful language that nobody can´t denied his great talent; he was a goats keeper, a peasant, an authentic autodidact.

We note that indoctrinate erase the skills and innate talents of a person who is subjected to obedience , they have to be respectful to their “superiors ” ; and as we by experience , that the power corrupts, and those ” chiefs ” convert themselves many times in monsters.

We need the education, so we can maximize the criteria, the cosmic creation of thought, the respectful exploration of the environment, the dynamics of diversity, the study for the study, the comparative analysis. Is not possible if we submit our will to the command of anyone or anything. We improve ourselves, through the study, the observation, the arts, and also when we care for the others or the environment, whether is tangible or intangible.

The indoctrination amputates these possibilities in any human being and if you do develop extrinsic or intrinsic concepts inside a military environment it will never be free.
In Honduras this “control” is infiltrated by traffickers, organ traffickers, politicians with a long tail, we observe that they don´t feel shame cause they stay inside it. Is been rape by madness. One Harvard´s use an example of corruption one of our ex-presidents, Callejas, is so sad.

If this ghost of impunity and shame, rules in the Hondurans army and among those groups that now is ruling in Honduras, they are trying to destroy the possibilities for a better way of life.
With such clear antecedents in Latin American history of great repressions and social abuses to their people, we have like examples:

Pinochet -Chile
Alfredo Stroessner , Paraguay
Jorge Rafael Videla, Roberto Viola and Leopoldo Gartieri – Argentina between 1976-1983
Juan María Bordaberry – URUGUAY
General Banzer – BOLIVIA
Nicaragua Somoza Dynasty
Julio César Turbay Ayala and – COLOMBIA , with its famous ” Statute of Security in Colombia.”

Now this countries, are trying to restore their real democracies, to which the militarism did so much damage!
Those systems prevail in certain territories like in Honduras. And now they want all the power, they want our future.

The history teach us that the state, must be secular, this pretend any form of indoctrination, in other words, a secular state protects the people from inhuman and discriminatory politics or politics base in some kind of faith. The purpose of the army is to convince the soldiers that they exist for the defending of their country, but in their understanding this mean the territorial space not the culture or the people of their own country, seems like they are looking for enemies anywhere to justify their existence.

This concept becomes cancer, because it alienates and creates ghosts of counterinsurgency, they accuse anyone of betrayed, for national security nonexistent reasons , reasons that are made by those who want to rule and take some advantage of our space without taking in account the way they do it cause they prefer the most inexpensive cost for the day, not for the future.

As citizens will should establish the limits of these types of interventions … until now they purchase their honor for money, by defending corrupted businessmen and politicians. The sad part is that they stealing the happiness of our people, without regrets.

We must remember all the time, the great achievements of the French revolution… EQUALITY , FREEDOM AND FRATERNITY , that changed the course of the history, and also our hero Francisco Morazán, he fight not for military ideals , he was in the army like a general cause his purpose was to build up that respect for social freedoms like: self-determination, freedom of religion, freedom of press , he was a visionary man of the XVIII century.

If Morazán exercised the military role was not to indoctrinate anyone, was rather to liberate education from religious pulpits, his dream was to construct a great nation.

We should not allowed in any case, this violation to the laws of the children, they will be completely nullified with these project of military indoctrination. The statements recognizes the child as human being capable of physical , mental, social , moral and spiritual develop in freedom and dignity .

Its 10 articles refer to the following rights:
1) The right to have equality, regardless of race, religion , language, nationality , sex, political opinion ..
Note: If you see, the political opinion would not be respected because they indoctrinate.

2) The right to have a special protection for physical , mental and social development.
Note: Special never means a “military protection “-

3) The right to have a name and nationality from birth.
Note: Name , not a military rank, as a private , or out , or whatever , with a null name without meaning.

4) The right to have food, shelter and adequate medical care.
Note : Homes not barracks.

5 ) The right to have an education , or access to special treatments if the children suffer from a mental or physical disability.

Note: The Hondurans army does not accept boys and girls with physical defects or diseases, then it would be falling on issues of discrimination, inequality and promoting racism or class ism, we should not follow Spartan rules.

6) The right to receive the love of parents and society .
Note: With so many adults and youth who have been murdered in Honduras , has greatly disrespected by this law. As the case of the murder of peasants in El Bajo Aguán , and also or all across the country, in which the soldiers are blame.
7) The right for recreational activities and a free education .

8) The right to be among the first to help in all circumstances.
Note: I´am trying to defend such intentions, cause they can´t defend themselves from repressive systems.

9) The right to protection against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation.

Note: In Honduras the military training is brutal and cruel.

10) The right to be brought up in a spirit of understanding, tolerance, friendship among peoples and universal brotherhood.

Note: Is impossible to fulfill this right using the indoctrination, because we will be subjected to the hierarchy. As citizen of Honduras, is unacceptable and irresponsible, to let our children in their hands.

Diana Vallejo
Honduran which does not kill or want to kill anyone.

Cuando el presidente Mel Zelaya estab en la embajada de Brasil, algunos niños "desaparecieron" y "aparecieron" como militares.
Cuando el presidente Mel Zelaya estab en la embajada de Brasil, algunos niños “desaparecieron” y “aparecieron” como militares.